Our new website is under development. Please bear with us while this is happening. Below is some brief information about the practice. For further information, please call us on 03 3294402.

Diamond Harbour Medical Centre is situated at the Health Centre and offers general practice services to the local community. We are a small and friendly team who want to be as available as possible for our enrolled patients' health and well-being. We can offer quite a wide range of medical and nurses services and can refer you to other services if needed.

We are a team of specialist General Practitioners and Practice and District Nurses, supported by a group of administrative staff. We are a Foundation accredited practice and are a member of Pegasus Health. We assist people in the local area to improve their health by the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness, including lifestyle advice, in a quality, caring, reassuring, and supportive environment.

You can now book appointments online! However, if your health concern is an emergency, dial 111. If it is urgent (but not an emergency), please ring and speak to a receptionist. Also, book nurse appointments or longer appointments by ringing reception.

Alternatively, if you simply require a repeat prescription (and have seen the doctor in the last 6 months), then you can request a script online! This requires 48 hours' notice and is up to the doctor's discretion. We will let you know if the doctor thinks you need an appointment instead.

The surgery is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday for nursing services, but outside of the doctor's hours (listed below), the nurse may be out on district nursing calls so ring first - 3294402. Out of hours, by phone, you can leave a message or be put through to our After Hours Service. On Monday to Thursday after hours, this is the 24 Hour Surgery (401 Madras St), but on weekends, you can speak with the local on-call doctor or nurse. The messages are cleared at the start of each working day and not at weekends. Our patients may also call Ka Ora Telecare for a telephone consultation after hours on 08002KAORA (0800252672).

The on-call doctor or nurse can give you advice over the phone. Depending on the circumstances, they will either assess you locally or direct you to the most appropriate after-hours service. If you have an emergency, first ring the Ambulance on 111, then ring the on-call doctor or nurse for advice.

Day Time Doctor
Monday 8:30am to 12:00pm Dr Bronwyn Graham
Monday 4:30pm to 6:30pm Dr Bronwyn Graham
Tuesday 10:00am to 4.00pm Dr Bronwyn Graham
Wednesday 8:30am to 12:15pm Dr Lucy Page-Dalton
Thursday 8:15am to 12:00pm Dr Bronwyn Graham
Friday 8:15am to 12:00pm Dr Lucinda Whiteley



Appointments are up to 15 minutes. We will always try to see you the same day when needed. If your problem is urgent, please explain to the receptionist; she may ask you to talk to the nurse. All emergencies will take priority, and appointment times are approximate. Feel free to book a double appointment if you have a lot to discuss, although you will be charged more. Double appointments are required for more than one person attending or multiple problems. There are non-capitated visits which will be charged at a higher rate such as medicals for employments, driver's licenses. A non-attendance fee ($25) may be charged for appointments canceled without notice. Follow-up consultations are not usually discounted.


The surgery needs patients to enrol locally so that they are enrolled with Pegasus Health (PHO). This enrolment ensures we receive ongoing funding. Please enrol at the surgery. It is also less expensive to attend if you are enrolled here! We generally only have enough appointments for our enrolled patients, though sometimes we can see people who are visiting the area.


When you think you are pregnant, this can be confirmed by one of our practice nurses who will then suggest an appointment with your usual doctor to discuss your options for maternity care.

Child Health

Your GP or practice nurse should be your first point of contact for concerns about your child. Out of working hours, if you are not sure whether you need to see a doctor or nurse, we suggest you ring Healthline on 080061111. We recommend a thorough health check by the doctor at 6 weeks. All enrolled children have free appointments till they are 14 years. Immunizations are given according to the National Immunization Schedule by the practice nurses at no cost after careful discussion of the benefits and risks.

Family Planning

All our doctors have experience in this area. Your own doctor will be happy to help you with decisions and choices.

Laboratory Tests

Blood tests, cervical smears, and other tests are sent on the ferry to Southern Community Laboratories. Results arrive back onto our computer system between one day (for many blood tests) and two weeks for smears. You can have access to results on our system through your login at Manage My Health. These only appear once the doctor who ordered the test has seen them and when needed commented on the result.


The nurses have excellent wound care skills and can dress all wounds.

Ear Syringing

If you have blocked ears, make a nurses appointment for a check then syringe if required. You need to use oily drops to soften the wax for a few days before syringing.

Liquid Nitrogen Treatment

We have modern equipment for this service and have liquid nitrogen delivered regularly. You need a doctor's appointment to check the area is suitable for cryotherapy, and then repeat treatments need a nurse's appointment. There is a small additional charge for cryotherapy.

Practice Nurses

The practice nurses are available each weekday morning for blood tests, blood pressure readings, wound care, consultation, advice, and information. Please phone for an appointment time.

Home Visits

Please request home visits as early as possible in the day by calling 329 4402. If you are not sure if you need a home visit, ask to discuss it with the nurse or doctor. There is an additional charge.

District Nursing

The Diamond Harbour Surgery is responsible for this service in the local area. District nursing is provided for patients in their homes who require nursing care and are unable, because of ill health and frailty, to attend their general practice for this care. District nursing includes post-operative care, wound care, care of the terminally ill, regular recordings, and supervision of medicines. This service is available to people in the Diamond Harbour area regardless of their general practitioner. This service is free except for some consumables.

Suggestions and Complaints

We welcome your feedback. If you wish to make suggestions or if you have a complaint, please either tell us verbally or place a note in the suggestion box by the front door or send us an email.